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Societal engagement

Social impact

The University of Graz brings out new main points as a contribution to the solution of global social questions and future challenges as well as in the analysis of these issues.

The University of Graz identifies pressing issues and gives orientation to society and economy in these matters through research, teaching and transfer („Responsible Science“). This expertise is further developed and made visible.

Research findings are communicted actively and accordingly to the needs of different traget groups. The function of the Univerisity as a societal role model is further strengthened and made visible.

Scientific communication

The University of Graz gives society orientation with complex contexts and contributes to solutions.


Divers activities and formats of scientific communication are coordinated contentwise and strategically combined by the seventh faculty. Formats for the general public are developed considering target groups' specific needs, especially the knowledge transfer between University and schools is effectively designed. 

Scientific communication is established long-term as a research area and will increase its international visibility. Therefore the interfaculty and multidisciplinary teaching in public awarness and the support for junior researchers in knowledge transfer are expanded.

Knowledge transfer

The University of Graz is actively looking for connections with the economy to also recognise the orientation role of the University in this field.


Therefore external funding opportunities and active knowledge and innovation transfer are used. The needs of economy, industry, (non-profit)-companies and public authorities are considered.

The Center for Knowledge and Innovation Transfer encourages the connection with the economy and a start-up mentality.

Model function

The University of Graz as a organisation is a role model for sustainability, diversity and equal opportunities.


The University of Graz is committed to equality in all institutions, diversity is perceived as a opportunity. The University participates actively in the pursuit of the Sustainable Development Goals defined by the United Nations.


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