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Strategic Goals 2019-2024

Research and junior researchers’ promotion

The University of Graz is internationally visible in sustainable and innovative fields of research and establishes Fields of Excellence to obtain its position long-term and to extend it further. Starting with the Development Plan BioHealth and Climate Change Graz are established. Three more Fields of Excellence will be established until 2021.

The development of competitive third party research, especially through intensifying FWF’s research funding, is promoted. The international network is used to strengthen funding in the EU.

The University of Graz rises to the challenge of digitization, forces big data analysis and digital editions as well as provides the necessary digital research infrastructure.

Junior researchers of the University of Graz are internationally competitive.


Degree programmes and lifelong learning

During their studies at the University of Graz students acquire a set of social and personal competencies next to future-oriented expertise and methodological knowledge. They develop their dialogue ability in a globalized world.

A good student-teacher-ratio is provided.

The University of Graz offers modern and attractive research-oriented study programmes, especially in the rang of master programmes.

Students with educationally disadvantaged backgrounds are actively attracted and supported to enhance equal opportunities to access higher education.


Societal engagement 

The University of Graz deals with societal issues in research and teaching, especially the Fields of Excellence deal with future-oriented issues.

Initiatives of knowledge transfer and science communication are focused to actively share research and teaching efforts with society and to increase visibility.

At the University of Graz connections with economy are actively searched for and are enforced through using external funding opportunities as well as through active knowledge and innovation transfer. Therefor entrepreneurship is further based in teaching.

As an organisation the University of Graz acts according to the principles of equality, equal opportunities and sustainability, reflects possible disadvantages and takes measures to abolish barriers for disadvantaged groups.

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