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Strategy 2024

The University of Graz is a comprehensive university and uses the full creative potential of its existing range of academic fields, while sharpening its research profile through the establishment of Fields of Excellence.

Excellently trained junior researchers are the fundament for every international cutting-edge research. The Doctoral Academy Graz offers an institutional roof for structured doctoral education.

Modern infrastructure, with a distinct focus on digitalization, is provided for international cutting-edge research.

The University of Graz provides a supra-regional model for encouraging the individual development of its students. They gain not only subject knowledge and methodological expertise, but also the necessary social and personal skills.

Research-oriented and interdisciplinary approaches, integration of theory and practice and English-language topics characterize the range of studies at the Univeristy of Graz. Master’s programmes are research-oriented within our research profile areas, have an international outlook and are forward-looking.

The University of Graz recognises its role as an intellectual leader for the country. It listens to societal concerns and identifies central issues for the future, providing orientation and solutions for society and industry.

As the largest institution for education and research in the region, the University of Graz aims to be a model in socio-political issues as well as an institution in questions of sustainability, diversity and equality.



Andreas Raggautz

Phone:+43 (0)316 380 - 1800

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